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How to lose 15Kgs weight in 1month

Hi friends I'll share my experience on how to lose 15kgs weight in 1month.

Firstly I'll share my weightloss program with you, the important things I have used for a perfect weight loss:


First thing you need to have a firm dedication to achieve your desired weight. I didn't say a goal, I said desired weight which is your ultimate reason for this weight loss program. So you should have a dedication that you have to do this weight loss activities at any cost which needs time monitoring.

How I lost 15Kgs in 1month

2. BMI:

Second thing is Body Mass Index (BMI) which needs to be checked. The BMI gives the desired wight to achieve. Here are the BMI levels which shows your current position with respect to your Weight & Height

i. What is BMI?

BMI stands for body mass index. It’s a number that usually ranges between 16 and 35, and it’s determined by comparing your weight and your height. Your BMI number indicates if you are in the range for your ideal weight, or if you are underweight or overweight.

ii. How to Calculate BMI

The easiest way to figure out your BMI is to look at a chart (like the one below) or to plug your height and weight into a formula. BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. Here’s how to calculate BMI for someone who is 150 pounds and 5’5” tall:

150 pounds = 68 kilograms

5’5” = 1.65 meters

68/(1.65)² = 24.98 BMI

iii. What Is a Good BMI?

According to the BMI scale, if you fall between 18.5 and 24.9 you’re considered to be a normal, healthy weight. (This means the person in our example above is just over the line of being at an ideal weight.) If you clock in below 18.5, you are considered underweight. On the other side of the scale, if you’re between 25–29.9, this suggests that you’re overweight. And, finally, if your BMI is higher that any higher than 30 means that you are obese. 

3. A Weight Machine:

Third Thing is  a Digital or an analogue Weight machine is needed for you to monitor your weight on a regular basis.

How I lost 15Kgs in 1month

4. A desired Kcals Diet sheet: 

Prepare or add required food items in your diet accordingly so as to meet your daily requirement and make a perfect diet sheet. As per my BMI, my daily requirement was of 1400 Kcals. So I've prepared and did it accordingly.

How I lost 15Kgs in 1month

Now action plan for weight loss:

The simple logic in losing weight is Check your present weight (Kgs) and do some physical activities again check your weight (Kgs). Now see that how much weight you have lost when compared to the other day (yesterday) and maintain the same weight. This way you can lose your weight day by day and get your desired weight.

So on first day I was weighing around 85Kgs. My desired weight is 70 Kgs according to my ideal weight (BMI).

Here comes my diet Protien: 60grams; Carbohyrates: 210grams; Fat: 25grams.

I have planned my diet accordingly (Indian origin food) which follows:

Early morning

6.00 hrs: 4 Almonds along with 1tsp(tablespoon) lemon juice+ half tsp flax seeds powder in 200ml luke warm water

Physical activity for 45mins to 1hour

7.00 to 7.30 hrs: After physical activity- a cup of green tea


8.00 to 8.30 hrs: Idli-2No.s(regular size)+half cup (50ml)sambar+1tsp Tomato chutney/ Rasam (or) Pulka+vegetable curry(1No.s+1cup) (or) Oats (100gms cooked) (or) Wheat flakes (100gms cooked) + Milk(low fat3%) 1glass (200)ml (or) butter milk + 1Egg white.

Mid Morning

11.00 to 12.00 hrs: Fruits (Pomegranate,Guava,Papaya,Orange,Pineapple,Apple) 100gms+ Buttermilk 1 glass(200ml) (or) Coconut water 1 no.s (or) Green tea 1 cup

13.00 hrs: 1Glass (cold water half an hour before lunch)


13.15 hrs: Salad (Carrot,Cucumber,Onions,Beetroot,Tomato) 150gms.

13.30 hrs: Pulka 3No.s(20+20+20gms) (or) Unpolished rice 2cup(200gms cooked) + Green leafy vegetables half cup(50gms)+ Dal half cup(150gms) (or) Chicken 2pieces (or) Fish 2pieces (Avoid Mutton)+ skim milk Curd 1cup(100gms) 

Evening Snacks

16.00 to 17.00 hrs: Tea regular of half tsp sugar (1cup) +  Bran biscuits 1no.s(Oats/Ragi/Marie/Nutrichoice)

Later evening

17.00 to 18.00 hrs: Veg salad + fruit(200gms)+ Buttermilk 1 glass(200ml) with Flax seeds powder(roasted & grind) 1tsp(5gms)


19.30 hrs: 1glass (cold water half an hour before dinner)

20.00 to 20.30 hrs: Pulka half No.s(20gms) (or) Wheat upma (or) Oats Upma + Egg white 1No.s (Avoid Rice,Dal,Non-veg in dinner)

Walking for 10 minutes 

22.00 hrs: Butter milk 1 glass(200ml) (or) Green Tea 1cup (100ml) (half an hour before Sleep)

Go to Sleep by 22.00 hrs.

This was a perfect 1400 Kcals diet strictly followed by me.

When comes to Physical activity which was 45mins to 1 hour which includes little warm up +Non stop Running + Pushups + Planks.

So here's the diet plan and desired weight so far so good I've acquired everything.

So started my action plan following the diet and doing exercises on the first day I have checked my weight which was 85Kgs and did physical activities then again checked the weight was weighing 84.6Kgs with which I have lost 400gms in a single day and maintained the diet strictly.

The very next day I checked my weight which was 84.5Kgs means 500 grams lesser than the previous day. Again did the same physical activity and diet maintained which resulted 84gs.

This way I have calculated my weight on a daily basis strictly followed the diet. For every 2 days I've lost 1Kg which made me lose 15 Kgs in a month i.e. from 85Kgs to 70Kgs.

Now after I acquired my desired weight which was the most important and critical thing was maintaining the acquired weight for which I have been monitoring my weight on a regular basis, Being determined, self motivated and be patient to stay healthy.

What happened to my health when I acquired my Ideal Weight (BMI)?

I've been more focused on my roles, Pro-active, Fit, Maintaining healthy Blood pressure levels, overall blood report is improved when compared the previous weight time blood report.

So finally I conclude this article saying You need a positive can do and will do type of determination to achive what you have desire for then only you achieve whatever in your life. 

How to lose 15Kgs weight in 1month

Hi friends I'll share my experience on how to lose 15kgs weight in 1month. Firstly I'll share my weightloss  program with you,...